The Slush Fund: A Brief History of Slushing ------------- It began with an ending.

The successful Mark Thomas show on Channel 4 finished it's run, and members of the Mark Thomas mailing list were sad. They wanted it to continue and so, out of a random idea posted to the mailing list, the Slush Fund was incorporated on 29 May 2002, at approximately 10:51 in the morning.

The purpose?

"To set up a slush fund so that any future worthwhile projects may continue to benefit." Since that day in May 2002, two founders of the Fund set up a bank account and act as the bankers for the Fund. Although just two people manage the bank account, the Fund is administered by everyone who donates to it; anyone can suggest a suitable project and everyone gets the opportunity to say yes or no to the spending plan.

The Fund isn't allied to any particular field of funding, nor is it reserved for any particular type of project. Instead, a member of the group might hear about a project which could do with a small cash injection. They then send an email to the group highlighting the project, and explaining what they think the money could be used to achieve. The group then discusses the suggestion; they might alter the way the money is given to maximise it's effectiveness, or come up with alternative ways of supporting the group which are more original or unique. Normally within a couple of days a consensus is reached which means that the project swings into action. The money is transferred or one of the Slush Funders gets involved, and the Slush Funders sit back, pleased with the work they have done.

The Slush Fund isn't about big money, nor is it about favouring one group or ideology over another. The Slush Fund is about making a difference. Whether a project is big and highly publicised, or small and only affecting a particular area without any media coverage, the Slush Fund looks at how they can help the project make an impact.

The Slush Fund is supported by ordinary people in ordinary jobs from ordinary towns. Many of the people who contribute make sacrifices so that their ideal of helping people make a difference can be realised. As such, the Slush Fund is unique; it's not just about giving money and giving up responsibility; Funders give both money and then look to spend it responsibly.

In short, the Slush Fund is a different type of project making a different type of difference.


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simon jones campaign
produce 130 posters
antiwar demo
produce and distribute 20 000 postcards + 9000 stickers
fairford peace camp
independance from america day
donation to cover cost of sound system
send fisheye to iraq
coca cola campaign
donation towards funeral costs
earthquake disaster relief
donated through red cross
bristol indymedia
donation for general running costs
crane boy
court costs for crane action
website hosting
aborted trip to iraq
£740 (wasted)
website hosting
year zero films
production costs
running costs
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balance 1st march £3083.24
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